Baby Discovers Dandelions and Dissolves Into Seriously Infectious Fit of Giggles

Apr 27, 2015 at 2:23 pm |

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Remember dandelions? Mother nature’s play-toy? What about the first time you saw one?

Youtuber and English rocker Tom Fletcher recently posted a video of him going on a hike with his son, Buzz. During the walk, Fletcher reveals to the one-year-old, who’s strapped to his back, the wonderment of dandelions. Buzz couldn’t be more pleased, and the child dissolves into a fit of seriously infectious giggles over the existence of the weed. The best part is that he never gets sick of them, so Fletcher gives us a few repeat performances.

“This is why being a Dad is awesome,” he captioned the video.

No doubt. If only we were all so easily entertained. This video is a good start though!

CUTE OVERLOAD!! We dare you to keep on a straight face while watching this baby.