Barack Obama Finally Joins Twitter – Read the President’s First Tweet!

May 18, 2015 at 3:03 pm |

Political Moments

(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

It really is Barack!

It’s only been two hours since Obama composed his first tweet, and he’s already gained half a million followers. So it turns out the best way for you to gain social media following is to become President of the United States (don’t even THINK about it Kim K.)

Here’s Barack’s inaugural tweet from his newly christened account @POTUS:

First off, who is “they”? For some reason this inspires images of Barack surrounded by a staff that smacks his hand whenever he tries to go near all the newfangled social media tools. And why now? Why did it take Barack six years to get his own Twitter account to talk to ‘his people’ directly?

We thought we were communicating with Barack directly when we messaged with @BarackObama – but it turns out that got taken over by his Organizing for America group, and @WhiteHouse has a really dry sense of humor, @Obama is someone else, and @PresidentObama exists but isn’t active.

We suppose it’s only fair since @FLOTUS has been in existence for years, which has been integral in promoting the various health and wellness campaigns that the First Lady has spearheaded during her time in the passenger seat. Michelle has already has vines for goodness sake!

Barack had better enjoy his newfound control over his very own Twitter account while he still has some time as Mr. President – apparently the @POTUS and @FLOTUS accounts will float on to the next President and First Lady (or First Husband, @FHOTUS? –  a Vietnamese noodle dish?) of the United States when the time comes. Then Barack will return, with his own voice, to his old account, presumably.

Until then, let’s all look forward to some special tweets from the presidential blackberry on high.

‘It’s Barack. Really!’ Did it take him THIS long to get verified, or what?