Barack Obama Hugging Superhero Girl Scouts Is the Cutest Thing Ever

Mar 26, 2015 at 1:55 pm |

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Girl Scouts do a lot more than keep your tummies filled with samoas and tagalongs. In fact, the Girl Scout Daisies from Troop 411 (aka, “The Supergirls”) were very busy representing the entirety of the Girls Scouts organization at the White House this week – and we think they did a pretty good job.

The five 6-year-old superheroes showed up at the White House Science Fair, the youngest attendees, boasting a pretty cool invention – a page-turning robot geared towards helping people with disabilities built entirely of legos.

Barack Obama Hugs Girl Scouts


After revealing their invention, Obama asked the little ladies how they came up with such a neat idea, and they respond by telling him they hosted a brainstorming session. “Have you ever had a brainstorming session yourself?” questioned one of the girls.

“I have had a couple brainstorming sessions, but I didn’t come up with anything this good.”

Don’t let the Republicans get ahold of that sound clip.

“I came up with things like healthcare,” Obama finally offered – which was clearly no match for their book robot.

The troop meeting finished off with one big group hug. Adorable!

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This is by far the cutest thing you’ll see all week. Who runs the world? Girl Scouts!