Bears Take Over Family Pool

Aug 21, 2015 at 4:31 pm |

Family of Bears Invade New Jersey Backyard

After the heatwave this past week, can you really blame anyone for wanting to beat the heat with a little cool-down in the family pool? Would you blame them, even if they were a family of bears?

The Basso family, who are the owners of the pool that the bears invaded, were really good sports about the whole thing. While some families may have gone straight to animal control or the police department, this family let the bears have their turn in the pool and provide some pretty entertaining commentary for the video. “They look like teddy bears, don’t they?” “They took my floaty!” And when mama bear takes mama Basso’s floaty, she says “Hey, Mrs. Bear! That was expensive!”

Watch as these bears swim, swing, slide and romp around the yard. Would you let these bears play in your pool? SHARE this amazing video with your friends and fam!

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