Time-Lapse Compilation Shows Beauty of the American West

Apr 15, 2015 at 11:08 am |

Randy Halverson compiled some of his best time-lapse shots from 2014 into a short film called Trails End. He posted the video onto his YouTube page, Dakotalapse – and the result is stunning. You’ll see plenty of marvelous footage from all over the American West exquisitely shot in locations throughout Wyoming, Utah, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Halverson camped out in his Palomino SS-1251 truck camper, which he purchased from Cheyenne Camper Center, and waited for mother nature’s perfect moments with his camera always on stand-by or recording. He used his Canon 6D and a Rokinon 35 to record the footage of the Milky Way, Aurora Borealis and Meteors in the night sky of Badlands National Park, sand dunes rippled by winds in the Wyoming Red Desert, and even a winter storm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.


Check out Halverson’s breathtaking short film, Trails End below!

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HUMP DAY DISTRACTION: You won’t believe your eyes while watching this stunning time-lapse. How gorgeous is the American West?