Best Cheap Laptops Under $300

May 26, 2015 at 5:58 pm |

You Must See these Awesome Laptops Under $300!

The first computer my family got was an Apple IIGS (it was so big, my dad ran out of Christmas wrapping paper and could only cover 70% of the box). Since then I have always stuck with Apple for its familiarity and ease of use, except I had bad luck with their laptops as they would always seem to fall apart on me after a couple of years.

Cheap Laptop

Eventually, I realized that spending close to $1500 just to look at cat memes and buy products on Sephora was ridiculous. Upon searching for an affordable alternative, I was shocked to see how many laptops that were insanely cheap (comparatively speaking, of course) in the marketplace. Even if you already have a desktop or fancy laptop, do yourself a favor and pick up an affordable one you don’t mind putting in your locker or taking on vacation.

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