Black Model Takes You Through A Century of Beauty

Jan 15, 2015 at 4:07 pm |

Wouuld you be able to dress to impress across different generations? This video is here to help you while taking you back through all the unique hair and make-up trends of the 1900s.

Cut Video’s “100 Years of Beauty in One Minute” became a viral success with over 18 million views after being posted in November 2014. The video showed a pale-skinned model made-up in all of the most popular hair and cosmetic styles from the last century.

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Well Cut Video is back with “100 Years of Beauty” round two, and this time they’ve used a darker-skinned model to showcase a century’s worth of style. The model wears the bare-faced modest look of the 1910s, the iconic flapper hairstyle of the ’20s, bears a striking homage to Billie Holiday in the ’40s, and so on all the way up to 2010’s natural, voluminous afro look.

Which look is your favorite?

Story Courtesy:Aoife Lawlor

Source: Cut Video
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How many beauty looks do you know? Take yourself back through 100 years of style…