Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold Name Daughter… James?

Feb 12, 2015 at 4:51 pm |

Blake Lively baby daughter James

Blake and her James bump (Photo by Rob Kim)

Contrary to rumors that Blake Lively and hubby Ryan Reynolds named their daughter Violet, a source has apparently confirmed the baby’s true name today, and the winning name is… James.

+1 for androgyny.

In many ways, James is quite the opposite name from Violet, not only because it’s much more mainstream (read: Biblical), but also because it’s masculine.

Not that that’s a problem for us. There are plenty of ambiguous names out there; after all, Blake and Ryan are names for both sexes. In fact, James is pretty darn tame compared with some of the unconventional names celebrities are giving their children these days. But will a “boy’s” name play with James’ identity as she grows up?

Only time will tell! Until then, see how some fans reacted on Twitter. Maybe some of them had the same reaction as you!

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