This Magpie Thinks It’s Human! The Story of a Boy and His Bird

Apr 15, 2015 at 2:35 pm |

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The story of “A Boy and His Bird” isn’t quite as common as many of the others. After all, most kids grow up with a goldfish, or maybe something as bold as an iguana – but Noah Bloom was destined for a friend that’s a little more unique.

Photographer Cameron Bloom’s son, 11-year-old Noah came across a baby magpie one day in 2013 while out walking near their home in Newport, Australia. After discussions with a local vet, the family found out that the bird had most likely been orphaned, so the Blooms took in the feathered infant and sweetly named him Penguin.

A year later, Penguin has become deeply ensconced in the Bloom family – taking part in everyday activities like homework, washing up, or even brushing teeth before bed. The Bloom’s experience with the curious magpie has been documented beautifully by Cameron on Instagram, and as a result , Penguin has become somewhat of an internet sensation, reaching a height of almost 75 thousand followers.

Getting the weetbix out of the molars @oli_bloom

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Penguin is free to fly wherever he likes at any time, but always comes back to the Blooms’ home to get some well-needed family time (don’t we all!) Over the holidays, Penguin went on extended hiatus – much to the worry of the family – but thoughtfully returned on Noah’s brother’s 13th birthday. Surprise!

“She flaps her wings and sings when we get home,” says Cameron. “If she is on the roof and sees us coming, she will then fly down to greet us. She loves to cuddle and sing and I know she loves us dearly.”

Cameron’s documentation of their life with Penguin is both stunningly beautiful and heartwarming. It’s clear that underneath all those grey feathers, Penguin has a tiny, thumping heart that’s connected deeply to the Bloom family.

It was also recently announced that New York Times bestselling author Bradley Trevor Greive plans to write a book about the Blooms’ relationship with Penguin, so get ready to see more of this good-luck magpie on shelves soon.

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“Penguin’s” relationship with Noah Bloom will absolutely warm your heart. These photos are stunning!