BREAKDOWN: Jimmy Fallon and One Direction Sing Christmas Tunes

Dec 23, 2014 at 11:29 am |

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All I want for Christmas is… One Direction singing more Christmas music. Santa, can you hear me?

They dug up their best (worst) Christmas jumpers, and just in time for the holidays, One Direction rocked out to “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

Any celebrity jam session coming from the music room on The Tonight Show quickly transforms into an epic and laughably juvenile performance that makes us all wish we had famous friends like Jimmy Fallon. But alas, we mere mortals just have to stay content with watching videos like this and pretending.

Luckily for us, Christmas will be a little less blue with this video on repeat. Let’s break it down:

Best sweater award goes to Harry. It’s simple, classic, ugly. On the other hand, Louis’ sweater might be cool, but it’s certainly not Christmas-y enough. A for effort.

Best instrument award obviously goes to Niall because it’s a banana. Okay, okay, it might be a banana shaker. But we have to wonder if it’s actually just a real banana that he’s pretending to shake, and that just makes us laugh. Zayn comes in a close second with his triangle.

Best solo goes to Liam because his verse is just inspired. Niall comes in second because his energy is so high throughout the video. Which leaves us to wonder why Zayn doesn’t solo?? Why has he been kept away from the cameras ever since those drug rumors came out? Come back to us Zayn, we miss you.

Best face goes to Harry because at 1:07 our hearts melt.

Best TV show host award goes to Jimmy Fallon for bringing us moments like this one.

And ugliest man bun/ ponytail goes to Zayn because NO. Never. Please ask Santa for a haircut for Christmas.

It’s your Christmas wish come true: One Direction serenading you along with Jimmy Fallon. Watch here!