Bullied ‘Star Wars’ Fan Gets Superstar Backup

Aug 24, 2015 at 5:32 pm |

Help us Weird Al – You’re Our Only Hope

Layla is yet another young girl who was teased at school for liking Star Wars amongst other “boy” things. As a result of…

Posted by The 501st Legion on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It’s not easy growing up finding yourself interested in something others might consider a little “geeky”, but 8-year-old Layla Murphy will never be afraid to express her sincere love for the world of Star Wars again after getting a little help from the force, The 501st Legion, and comedic singer “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Layla’s love for Star Wars began with her discovery of her father’s love for the original movies after she found some of his old toys laying around their home in Norfolk, VA. However, after moving to a different school, Layla started having a difficult time with bullies teasing her for her interests in Luke, Leia, R2 and the whole gang, telling the young fan that it was only meant “for boys.”

Nicolette Molina, Layla’s mother explained to CNN how the bullying began. “At this new school Layla started coming home more quiet and less of herself, and started asking not to wear her shirts or R2-D2 jacket…She was asked if she was turning into a boy.”

Let’s show some support for this amazing girl. May the force be strong with you Layla!