Cat Falls In Love With Vacuum Cleaner

Aug 31, 2015 at 4:51 pm |

Vacuum = Best Cat Brush Ever

If you’ve ever had a cat (or even if you haven’t) you know how pesky cat hair can get. It gets in the couch, on your bed, on your toothbrush and all sorts of nasty places. As a result you spend hours brushing your cat’s coat in an effort to minimize the unwanted tufts of hair you find all over your home.

That’s why we’ve decided that this cat owner is our favorite person of the week.

Instead of cat brushes and waste bins filled with poofy hairballs, they’ve gone a little more efficient route – straight to the vacuum cleaner.

Most cats take off like a bullet when they hear the vacuum start up, but Dorik here runs straight for the hose. Why? Because he knows he’s going to get a personalized massage courtesy of family vacuum cleaner. Smart kitty!

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Source: Cat in love with vacuum cleaner by anoushe on Rumble

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I’ve never seen a cat do this. Ever.