Caturday Cats Are Stretching

Aug 29, 2015 at 9:00 am |

Welcome to Caturday! We hope you slept in and enjoy some lounging in bed time with your cats (and maybe those other guys — dogs). Be sure to stretch your limbs after climbing out of that luscious, comfy bed. Need some inspiration? These cats are here to help.

1. Use a wall for leverage for maximum stretching.


black and white cat stretching

Source: Instagram @amirsohrabpour

2. Blend in and hoomins will never find you to wake you up.


white and beige cat stretching on bed upsidedown

Source: Instagram @dy_nutrition

3. Or stick out like a sore thumb.

black and white cat on bed

Source: Instagram @theblackandwhitecatoffical


4. Ups!


cat stretching on glass door

Source: Instagram @one_eyed_ellie

These cats will teach you how to stretch like a boss.