Caturday! Cats in Boxes!

Sep 26, 2015 at 9:00 am |

Happy Caturday to you! We hope you are enjoying a day off filled with fun times with your pet felines. Now we all know that cats love boxes. There are lots of guesses, including that it’s a hide in while they stalk their pray. Another hypothesis is that it separates the skittish creatures from the outside world and calms them. No matter the reason, the fact that cats are just plain obsessed with boxes is adorable. Check out some kitties that can’t keep away from boxes.

1. She looks guilty


cat in a box

Source: Instagram @eva_kittay

2. “If it fits, I sits!”


black cat in a box

Source: Instagram @spotticusmaximus

3. “Ohai! I ated all ur fudz!”


cat in a box surprise

Source: Instagram @_catsinboxes_

4. Taking advantage of the odd box shape


cat in l shaped box

Source: Instagram @_catsinboxes_

5. “All ur boxes belong to me.”


cat in box fort

Source: Instagram @_catsinboxes_

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Does your cat love boxes?