Check Out These Labor Day Cookouts

Sep 8, 2015 at 1:31 pm |

Labor Day is one of biggest grilling days of the year. We hope you had beautiful weather, a relaxing day off and plenty of delicious grillables yesterday. Check out what some Americans made to celebrate Labor Day. Did you do better? Let us know what you grilled in the comments below. America! Food! Day off! Yay!

1. Rib eye steak

grilled ribe eye steak ona plate with knife and fork

Source: Instagram @akornylak

2. Crab boil

crab boil on newspaper with corn potatoes and eggs

Source: Instagram @queenofthesouth29

3. Chicken wings

chicken buffalo wings on bbq grill

Source: Instagram @thegm77

4. Smoked short ribs

smoked short rib cut open to show smoke ring

Source: Instagram @meilin21

5. Sausages

sausages on the grill

Source: Instagram @bottosausage

6. Gotta have burgers

burgers cheeseburgers and sausages on a bbq grill

Source: Instagram

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What did you eat yesterday?