Chelsea Handler Shows Off her Melons Atop a Camel in Israel

Jan 30, 2015 at 11:30 am |

Chelsea Handler, host of the TV show Chelsea Lately, posted a pic of herself on her Instagram Wednesday (Jan. 28) while vacationing in Jerusalem, Israel. The pic was her straddling a camel topless with Star of David pasties.

The photo’s caption says, “A Muslim allowed a topless Jew to sit on his camel. And we say we cant live side by side? I say we try and we can and we will. And, You dont even have to be topless. Lchaim.”

The post was meant to show support for peace in the Middle East.

While Handler may be no Helen of Troy, there may be one thing Jews and Palestinians can agree on: a nice pair of jugs.

Chelsea Handler nudie in the name of peace? Check out this photo now!