Cindy Crawford Shows Off Her REAL Bikini Body (With No Makeup!)

Oct 7, 2015 at 2:27 pm |

Cindy Crawford Proves She’s Still Got the Perfect ‘Shape’

cindy crawford workout video box

Credit: Goodtimes Entertainment/Photofest

49 and still got it, this woman is #ageless.

It was only last Spring that a faux-photoshopped image of Cindy Crawford dropped on the net under the guise that Cindy was wishing to share an “all-natural” shot of her body. The internet went ape-sh*t over the image and commended Crawford for her courage in sharing what her post-supermodel body had developed into in her late 40s, though it turns out the real Cindy Crawford looks much, much better, and here’s the proof…

The 80s superstar took a moment away from promoting her new memoir called Becoming to take a breather with husband Rande Gerber beachside in Miami, and from the content on his Instagram account Gerber couldn’t be more gushingly proud of his wife’s stunning looks.

cindy crawford without makeup

Source: Instagram @randegerber

Rande posted this image to his IG account with the caption, “Who needs hair and makeup when you look like this after jumping in the ocean. The #becomingcindy tour continues in Miami.”

Rande speaks the truth. But that’s not the only thing Cindy was showing off…

And no makeup to boot! How fabulous does she look?