Cindy Crawford’s ‘Untouched’ Photo Was a Fake?

Mar 2, 2015 at 5:13 pm |

It turns out the photo of Cindy Crawford that went viral last month was actually a big ol’ fake. Everyone felt comforted by the fact that Cindy Crawford had sags and blemishes just like the rest of us humans, and many even applauded her for her bravery – but it turns Cindy Crawford is still inhumanly perfect at age 49, even without photoshop’s help. Not only was the photo a leaked image from a shoot taken for a 2013 Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America (rather than a newly produced shoot aimed at promoting body image as we’d previously thought,) it’s also been claimed that the photo was “severely” altered.

Don’t believe us? Cindy Crawford’s husband posted this photo of his wife on Valentine’s Day after the fake photo was released, and let’s just say the proof is in the legs as smooth as pudding.

She got flowers and I got her. Happy Valentines Day @cindycrawford A photo posted by Rande Gerber (@randegerber) on Feb 14, 2015 at 6:00pm PST

Why it is that we think someone should either look unnaturally perfect or negatively distorted through photoshop (and nothing in between,) we’re not quite sure. What we can appreciate is how Cindy Crawford has handled the issue.

Cindy didn’t come out screaming on social media that her body had been digitally maimed, but kept quiet, knowing that eventually the mess would be sorted through. She was probably too busy promoting her documentary Hospital in the Sky to defend her natural beauty.

Now several websites have received letters from the shoot’s photographer, John Russo, asking that the fraudulent photos, which he claims were stolen, be taken down.

Now that we’ve had the retouched-unretouched photo, maybe the photographer will release the untouched-untouched version and put all of our minds at ease.

Turns out Cindy Crawford’s body is still a perfect 10 after all. Find out how we know it’s fake…