Clumsy Guys Learn How to Dance

Feb 24, 2016 at 4:35 pm |

These poor white guys need to learn some new moves, stat.

Is it true what they say: white people have no rhythm? Watch YouTuber Rob Rivera teach these guys some easy moves that will impress the ladies. Kind of…

Ladies, is your guy a dancer? Or is your clumsy boyfriend embarrassing you at weddings?

It’s time he learns how to dance like these brave but clumsy guys. Step by step, dance instructor Rob teaches them some basic moves and then they perform choreography from Dirty Dancing, Flashdance and our fav boy bands routine.

Guys, if you can’t dance, remember that learning how to dance at the club can help you in other places as well. (Ahem, we’re talking about sexy time, guys, so get to work.) Rob makes it look easy with his basic dance tutorial and lesson for finding rhythm…it’s all done step by step (literally).

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Watch these white guys learn some easy dance moves to use anytime!