Color Blind Father Sees the Colors of His Kids’ Eyes for the First Time

May 13, 2015 at 12:17 pm |

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Spring is in full tilt, and the world is bursting with color – but not everyone is able to experience its natural beauty in the same way.

Opie Hughes, a father living in Pennsylvania suffering from color blindness, recently saw the world of color as most people see it for the first time in his life. For his birthday Opie received a special gift: a pair of new glasses that filter colors so that someone with color blindness is able to fundamentally experience the world the way most people see it.

When Hughes first learned about the special EnChroma glasses through his girlfriend, he wanted to purchase them immediately, but the price tag was too high. So his loving sister, Katherine Empey, started a GoFundMe campaign for her brother unbeknownst to him, and was able to rush-order the life-changing gift just in time for his birthday. She also caught the moment when he first tried them on.

Hughes was clearly overwhelmed by the experience and breaks into tears. He not only sees the bright and beautiful hues of flowers for the first time, but the true color of his children’s eyes.

“It truly was an amazing experience. We were all crying,” Empey wrote on YouTube after she posted the video. “He is still discovering things.”

Beautiful!! This father is so overwhelmed by a world of color. “He is still discovering things.”