Conan O’Brien Gets Animated for ‘Archer’ Segment

Jan 21, 2015 at 5:50 pm |

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Conan O’Brien found himself in a Danger Zone in a segment on his show Conan Tuesday night (Jan. 20).

The TV host was supposedly going to interview the spy from the FX show Archer, but O’Brien got a phone call from Sterling Archer telling him to come outside instead.

As O’Brien exited the studio, he was immediately transformed into an animated version of himself. From there, Russian mobsters chased the two in cars as O’Brien learned how to fire a gun.

After killing a few mobsters and escaping near death, O’Brien returned back to the studio in one piece.

Conan O’Brien really is quite the character!

Conan O’Brien appeared in a scene from ‘Archer’!? Watch him fight off Russian mobsters in a car chase!