Crayola Gets Hacked!

Jan 12, 2015 at 1:39 pm |

Even the most innocent of companies doesn’t seem to be safe from the dangerous reality of hacking.

On Sunday, Jan. 11, the Crayola crayon and creative supplies company fell victim to a hacking of its official Facebook page. Fans were quick to notice the off-color content, which consisted of many inappropriate posts. Some of these consisted of comics and innuendos, while others were downright pornographic.

After several hours of creative chaos, the company regained control of its account and apologized on various platforms for the obscene posts.

Flipping through the comments and responses on both Facebook and Twitter, however, some fans and followers seemed rather amused by the day’s events, saying they knew Crayola was not responsible for the mature content but it was a humorous change. Other commenters stated that if the hackers wanted to be creative, they should have stuck to crayons.

If Crayola is fair game for hackers, who’s next?

The creative hackers made some off-color posts before Crayola could regain control. See Crayola’s response!