Da Mao the Panda at the Toronto Zoo is Way More Excited for Winter than You Are

Nov 19, 2014 at 3:01 pm |

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Usually, it’s kids that can’t wait to have a snow day–but giant Pandas?

After a fresh blanket of snow had fallen in the greater Toronto area on Monday (Nov. 17), a panda named Da Mao at the Toronto Zoo seemed to really be enjoying the flurries.

Nothing is more beautiful than witnessing an animal take on human qualities. As you watch the video, the panda playing in the snow like a child is not only something that you should marvel at, but is something to appreciate as well. Leaving you with a feeling of astonishment at how beautiful this world really is.

Mao first arrived at the Toronto Zoo in March 2013, but will be relocated to Calgary in 2018.

Giant panda Da Mao was playing in the snow. Watch the video!