Death By Firing Squad May Return to Utah in 30 Days

Nov 20, 2014 at 11:53 am |

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After voting in 2004 to do away with executions by the way of a firing squad, an interim panel of lawmakers in the state of Utah have passed a vote to bring back the form of death penalty 9-2.

Currently in the state of Utah, there is a low supply of the drugs needed for carrying out lethal injection. The European based company that manufactures the liquid dose has stopped selling to the U.S. due to it’s opposed view of capital punishment.

If Utah cannot get enough of the dosage to carry out an execution within 30 days, then a vote to go with the firing squad will take place.

Prior to doing away with firing squads, Ronnie Lee Gardner, opted for the means of death when he was executed in 2010. Since then no one has been executed in such a way.

Capital punishment is permitted within 32 states in the U.S. Other than lethal injection, 8 states still use the electric chair and 3 states use the gas chamber. A firing squad was once used in the past in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. Oklahoma uses the firing squad as a secondary method only.

This video from 2010 will show you exactly how the firing squad process works…

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