Delta Airlines Plane Departs With Only 2 Passengers On Board

Jan 13, 2015 at 4:42 pm |

Chris O’Leary doesn’t mind flying alone. Really alone.

On Monday (Jan. 12), O’Leary was booked on a 7:15 A.M. flight from Cleveland to La Guardia in New York City. Mr. O’Leary was later notified via text message that the flight was delayed, so he waited in his hotel room until the updated takeoff time approached.

After hours of delays, however, most of the passengers on the original flight had already changed their travel plans, so when O’Leary showed up to board, he was the only passenger!

O’Leary then took to his Twitter.

Shutting down his dreams of a personal flight, the plane turned around on the tarmac to pick up a second passenger.

The 76-passenger aircraft then took off with only two passengers on board because the plane was needed in the destination city for a later flight.

A Delta flight only had 2 passengers on board from Cleveland to New York. Find out why!