Delta Plane Skids Off the Runway, Crashes Into Embankment at LaGuardia

Mar 5, 2015 at 12:47 pm |

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Passengers of Delta flight 1086 from Atlanta are shaken up from more than just the cold weather this morning after their airplane slid off of the runway while landing.

Photos show the plane perched on an embankment off of the runway after crashing through a chain-link fence. Fortunately all 115 passengers onboard the aircraft were evacuated quickly, as it was rumored that there may have been fuel leakage caused by the crash landing. Only a few minor injuries have been reported.

“Our priority is ensuring our customers and crew member are safe,” Delta has announced in a statement. “Delta will work with all authorities and stakeholders to look into what happened in this incident.”

Passengers on the flight have been posting their experience via social media, expressing their thoughts about the scary situation.

One passenger even documented the experience with a video posted to her Instagram account, thanking God that no one was hurt and that the airplane didn’t end up in the water…

Thank God! No one hurt we could of ended up in the water! #survive #thankgod #ice #safelanding

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As a result, New York’s LaGuardia Airport has been closed for the day and is expected to reopen around 7PM this evening.

Some of the passengers have even documented the crash landing on social media. Find out how they’re feeling…