Demi Lovato’s Confession About Her Abusive Father Has Us In Tears

Oct 21, 2015 at 1:41 pm |

No Disney Story – Demi Opens Up on her Abusive Father

Demi Lovato started out as one of “those” Disney girls, one of the Miley’s, the Selena’s, etc. One thing that’s helped Demi to break out of the Disney Princess mold has been her honesty with her struggles over the years, from bipolar disorder to substance abuse, eating disorders, and even self harm. She was never perfect, and that’s one of the reasons we love her so much.

With the release of her new album, Confident, Demi is giving fans an even more intimate look into her life, with one track in particular: “Father.” In a behind-the-scenes video, Demi recently opened up about her conflicted feelings after her abusive father died in 2013:

“I was very conflicted when he passed because he was abusive,” the recent SNL musical guest explains in a new behind-the-scenes video. “He was mean, but he wanted to be a good person… He wasn’t capable of raising a family, and it was because of his mental illness. To know that it wasn’t fully his fault really was saddening to me, and I wanted to write about it. I wanted to process it.”

You can watch the clip of Demi explaining the song here:

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The Role Model We Need

Living in an age where we weigh so much of our own self worth and perception of the happiness of others on likes and pretty filters, it’s so important for stars to be real and honest about the hard stuff in life. These are role models for a generation that, beneath the shiny surface of social media, is hurting more than ever — and Demi is doing a damn good job.

Demi’s new album debuted this week at no. 1 on the Billboard top 200 album chart, and for good reason. Demi’s more personal tracks, including “Father” and “Stone Cold” are sung with vocals that you probably didn’t even know this talented young lady could pull off.

Now that you know her story, listen to “Father” below – and we DARE you not to cry. SHARE this inspiring story with your friends and fam!

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So brave of Demi to share her story!