Do You Really Know Britney Spears?

Mar 7, 2015 at 12:37 pm |

What do you know about the queen of pop?

When is Britney's birthday?
What is Britney's middle name?
Which Louisiana town did she grow up in?
How old was Britney when she started showing up on "The Mickey Mouse Club?"
What girl band did Britney turn down from joining?
Who was the song "...Baby One More Time" originally written for?
How old was she when she released "...Baby One More Time?"
Which celebrity was the first one to teach young Britney how to sneak into a club?
How many times has Britney hosted "Saturday Night Live?"
What restaurant did Britney open in 2002?
What are her two sons named?
Which song was originally offered to Britney?
Which of these facts is NOT true about Britney?
Which show did she have a guest starring role?
Which one of these songs isn't even in Britney's top 5 hits?
What big movie role did Britney almost win?
Which one of these stars wrote a song for Britney?
Which Britney video opens with a shot of her laying in a hammock?
Which quote was a big part of Britney's rise to fame?
Which shoe manufacturer successfully got Britney to promote their product?