Dogs with Square Haircuts Is a Thing Now

Jun 12, 2015 at 2:10 am |

Get ready to squee!

Move over self-proclaimed Cutest Dog In the World. Boo! Thanks to a Taiwanese groomer, these fashion forward dogs are the cutest! Long haired dogs require constant upkeep. Going to the groomers can be pricey, so why not make it worth it? Forget head shaped cuts, square dog heads are the hot new thang.

Dog grooming has been around ever since they became domsticated. But function turned into fashion during the reign of Louis XVI in an era known for placing great importance on aesthetics (especially hair). Back then dog owners would try to one-up each other by subjecting their dogs to their own ridiculous human whims. But they do say fashion is a cycle, so we hope crazy dog ‘do’s comes back around.

Do you think these cuts are cute or just bad?

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This li’l blockhead almost looks human!

This is called the edgy afro.

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That’s a toy, right? A pile of sugar cubes? Halp!

Trending in Asia right now are dogs whose faces are trimmed into perfect squares. Squee!!!