Eddie Redmayne Practices His Strut in High Heels

Jan 16, 2015 at 2:58 pm |

Eddie Redmayne, dubbed GQ‘s Best Dressed Brit, is adding a new fashion feature to his wardrobe— a pair of high heels.

The rising star revealed that he’s been strapping on the pumps to help prepare for his upcoming lead role in The Danish Girl, a story about Einar Wegener, the world’s first-known recipient of gender reassignment surgery.

Eddie, who recently won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking, clearly enjoys physical challenges as an actor, and his level of specificity in his research is incredible. “We’re observing the minutiae of feminine physicality. We’re looking at everything from a feminine perspective. How to sit, to walk, to pose, roll on a pair of stockings. How to put on a pair of heels and how to walk in them. Everything,” Eddie told Britain’s Daily Mail.

Eddie had better call up fellow English actor Tim Curry to find out how he worked those heels years ago in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Find out about Eddie’s latest fashion trend. Could he pull them off?