The Gang is Together Again: Entourage the Movie Begins Filming in Miami

Jan 18, 2014 at 7:10 am |


Photo Credit: Instagram/howulivinjpiven

The boys are back! Adrian Grenier and company arrived in Miami on Jan. 16 to begin filiming Entourage the movie. Grenier and co-star Jerry Ferrara broke the news on Twitter and Instagram with pictures from the set. Movie database IMDB only lists the cast as including the core members from the television show plus football star Rob Gronkowski. Show producer Mark Wahlberg is also expected to make a cameo as himself.

The show ended its eight season run in 2011 with Vince flying off to Paris to marry his girlfriend, with Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) and Johnny (Kevin Dillon) in tow. Eric (Kevin Connolly) had reunited with his girlfriend Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui). Meanwhile, Ari (Jeremy Piven) had left his position as a high-powered Hollywood agent to focus on his family and marriage.

The movie should open with questions about Vince’s career and possible marriage and Eric’s new role as a father. The presence of Gronkowski in the cast as himself may suggest that Ari didn’t completely abandon his dream of expanding into the world of professional sports.

Rumors had been swirling that production was being held up by salary demands by the cast. Wahlberg didn’t exactly squelch those rumors when he told a photographer that the movie would happen when “them guys stop being so greedy.”

However, Connolly said that contract negotiations were never an issue. At a press event for his new sitcom “Friends With Better Lives,” Connolly said that negotiations did happen but they didn’t interfere with the production schedule. He said that production was always scheduled for January and that negotiations were simply a normal part of the pre-production process.

Wahlberg recently said that he hopes to have the movie in theaters by the end of 2014. While nothing’s been confirmed, it would be suprising if fan favorites like Lloyd (Rex Lee), Mrs. Ari (Perrey Reeves), and Shauna (Debi Mazar) didn’t make an appearance, along with a steady stream of cameos from Hollywood A-listers, potentially including Kate Upton.

If nothing else, fans can expect heavy doses of high-class partying, beautiful women, and behind-the-scenes movie melodrama.

Entourage the movie started filming in Miami on Jan. 16. Details are under wraps, but it appears the crew is back for more partying and Hollywood melodrama.