EXCLUSIVE: Visionary Javier Gomez Talks Pelé, Photography and Philanthropy

Jun 30, 2014 at 9:40 am |

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It’s easy to see why New York based celebrity photographer Javier Gomez is in high demand. The highly acclaimed photographer, whose collectors include the likes of Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg and Dr. Phil, came by the office and we talked about the many projects he is currently working on across the globe.

One project in particular is quite timely. The fine art photographer is working on curating a major art exhibition in conjunction with Kane Swener and Legends 10 who owns intellectual property rights to world soccer legend Pelé, done in connection with this year’s World Cup in Brazil. He has also just signed a deal to do a book of photography documenting Pelé’s experience at the World Cup 2014.

The work doesn’t stop there, Gomez’s work has been picked up by the design world, both interior and fashion. Recently his work has been selected and featured in NBC’s hit series American Dream Builders. This past February, Javier took the art out of the frame when fashion designer Meskita used Javier’s artwork during Mercedes fashion week NYC by printing Javier’s artwork on the fabric And last month the creative director of Bvlgari assigned Javier to fly to Rome to work on a collaboration of his art work on Roman architecture for their inspiration in designs and for 14 pages editorial for Bvlgari Magazine.

This past year alone, Javier has had major photography exhibitions of his work in New York, Japan, Sevilla, Madrid,  Monaco and four consecutive exhibitions in Paris. The photographer is currently working on his fifth photo exhibition in Paris.

With two books, Visual Vibrations and Dimensions, successfully published, a burgeoning brand and accolades across the world of photography, the young photographer is in a position to put his celebrity to good use. To Gomez “philanthropy is very important. [He] love[s] to give back and help people and organizations.”

Gomez dedicates much of his time and work to important causes including: the UCP of NYCAckerman Institute for the Family,  and Strengthen Our Sisters. He also recently co-hosted a benefit at the Ritz Carlton in Aruba to launch the Women’s International Opportunity Foundation, and begun a new long term association with Lumière & Couleurs 93 is a non-profit organization in France that aims to promote the integration and inclusion of young people and adults in society.

“I have my own vision of the world when I look behind the lens of his camera,” says Javier Gomez. “I focus on translating organic objects and architectural details into bold, color-centric abstract works influenced by the principles of sacred geometry. I strive to create images that access our subconscious understanding of ratio and geometric form, thereby enhancing our connection with the natural world. I work through the gamut of color, volume and texture creating images which blur the lines between nature and the abstract.”

Keep your ‘focus’ on this outstanding photographer, it’s only the beginning.


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