Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Dispute Divorce Reports: We Don’t Want Our Kids Traumatized

Jan 19, 2014 at 7:00 am |

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Photo Credit: Instagram/thetimmcgraw

Marriage is hard enough regardless of the circumstances of a couple’s life. However, it is even harder for celebrity couples because they are always in the spotlight for one reason or another. Hollywood loves to speculate as to which couples are on the verge of divorce and the latest speculation is over the marriage of Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Rumors have been swirling for months now that the couple is headed for divorce court.

Asking Faith Hill and Tim McGraw themselves proves that the couple are as happy and in love as ever. They are both disputing reports that they are on the verge of divorce. Not at all worried about how the rumors will affect them as a couple they do worry about the effect these false rumors will have on their kids.


Faith Hill has spoken out on the rumor of her impending divorce from Tim McGraw and asks why happiness can’t be a story in Hollywood. She has speculated as to why untrue rumors often spiral out of control.

Tim McGraw and Faith HillĀ  have come much further in marriage than many other Hollywood couples do and this may be the reason they can’t seem to quash rumors.

Tim McGraw has told the press that he and Faith Hill don’t want their kids hearing these rumors and thinking that something is wrong in their parent’s marriage. They are very much concerned about what these rumors could do to their kids and they will dispel the rumors every chance they get.

Though the couple has joked about the “impending doom” of their relationship they are only doing it to taunt the media. After 17 years of marriage they have proved themselves to be one of the most stable Hollywood couples.

Tim and Faith are worried about how these rumors will affect the social life of their teenage daughter. They don’t want her social life to suffer in any way simply because there are rumors swirling that her parent’s marriage is in trouble.

Though the couple’s three teenage daughters simply laugh off the rumors of their parents pending divorce, Tim and Faith still want to shield them from the long term damage these rumors could do to their psyches. The couple has been fighting off divorce rumors practically their entire marriage. Hollywood just doesn’t expect couples to beat the odds and stay together, happily married.

Happily In Love Hollywood Couple Faith Hill and Tim McgRaw perplexed by rampant rumors of divorce and tension in the relationship.