Private Plane Draws Male Anatomy With Flight Pattern

Mar 13, 2015 at 3:04 pm |

FlightRadar24, a popular site that gives users the ability to track the flight paths of planes around the world, posted a photo on Thursday night that gave aviation fans a good laugh. Many immediately noticed the odd flight pattern, which resembles the male genitals, that a private plane made above Florida, and began sharing images of the flight pattern. FlightRadar24 retweeted the obscene photo on their Twitter account and said, “looks like drawing objects on FlightRadar24 is a new hobby.”

It’s unknown whether this particular pilot was aware of the flight pattern he/she was making. Regardless, drawing a sky penis is definitely hilarious. Apparently, these type of flight patterns happen all the time.

Check out the tweets below from FlightRadar24 below of other international flights making the same obscene gesture.

Accidental or not? This pilot must have a good sense of humor…