Fox Village is Japan’s Cutest Attraction

Aug 17, 2015 at 4:29 pm |

Japanese Fox Village is a Paradise of Cute

Up close with the foxes

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These days, it seems like Japan really has this whole cute animal tourism thing on lock. You’ve heard about the cat islands and bunny islands, but have you heard about the Zao Fox village in the Miyahi prefecture?

This place is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Zao Fox Village is a complex of animal sanctuaries where six species of fox are free to roam, play, and eat to their hearts’ content, and you’re invited to join them. Eighty-Five cents, or about 100 Japanese yen, will get you a handful of food to feed to the foxes, and that gesture will probably land you in a situation something like this:

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In Japan, the fox is considered a highly revered animal with mystical powers. Foxes are messengers of Inari Okapi, they’re the Shinto deity of fertility, and they’re a symbol of economic prosperity and a healthy rice harvest. It’s no wonder these sly animals have a whole village dedicated to them! The video below has a classic “Engrish” title, “Awwww…Swarms of foxes with extremely fluffy!!”  

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