Fun with Buns

Sep 7, 2015 at 12:00 pm |

For a lot of people, the hamburger bun is just a vehicle to get the burger into your mouth. Not these creative foodies: They think outside of the box and make the bun just as important as its contents. We’re dying to try all of these alternative buns.

1. Put your burger in the waffle iron.


wagyu burger with waffled bun and cheese

Source: Instagram @julesfood

2. Rice for buns? Well, why not?


hawaiin burger with rice buns

Source: Instagram @foodbeast

3. Raspberry bun, anyone?


cheeseburger with raspberry red bun

Source: Instagram @dailyfoodfeed

4. Rice-A-Roni bun?!


rice a roni bun burger

Source: Instagram @tymbussanich

5. Pizza!


burger split open with pizza for buns and french fries and mozzarella sticks

Source: Instagram @chezchakour

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Away with your traditional buns!