10 Times Jennifer Lawrence was the Sloppiest Drinker

Mar 10, 2016 at 12:54 am |

Cheers, J.Law!

It’s safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence is America’s Sweetheart. Okay, maybe more like America’s Anti-Sweetheart, but you know what we mean! She’s winning Oscars, telling off haters and still remaining cool as hell – which is a lot to juggle. But if there’s one thing J.Law can’t handle, it’s her alcohol! It’s no secret that she loves to drink and these photos are proof (even though she’s said it plenty of times herself). Check out the 10 times Jennifer Lawrence was acting sloppy!

Jennifer Lawrence Can't Hold Her Alcohol

Source: Giphy

You’ll wish you could be her drinking buddy.

You'll wish you could be her drinking buddy.