12 Unbelievable Celebrity Coming Out Stories

Apr 13, 2016 at 11:32 am |

For Some Actors, Playing Straight Was The Biggest Role Of Their Lives

It’s 2016, and we live in a VERY different world from the one that our parents grew up in. Last year, a boy appeared in a Barbie advertisement for the first time. The fashion industry is embracing androgyny more than ever, and it seems like there are just as many male makeup gurus on Instagram and YouTube as there are female, with just as many adoring fans.

But still, there’s a lot of internalized homophobia lurking around that we inherited as cultural baggage, and coming out of the closet isn’t any less terrifying today than it was 20 years ago.

Coming out to your family and friends is one thing, but when celebrities have a platform that puts them on an international stage, the stakes are high. In the sports industry, and even in Hollywood, celebs have a lot to lose with the image of their sexuality on the line, but the brave celebs in this gallery let their true colors shine in the most badass way possible.

Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Some people come out of the closet. Others blow up the closet and slow-motion walk away form the wreckage into the world of freedom. These are those stories.

See which celebs have the most crazy coming out stories!