15 People Who Have No Shame In Their Game

Mar 21, 2016 at 12:06 pm |

With These People, I Literally Can't Even....

The world is full of people that come in all shapes and sizes, and they say that the only thing more infinite than the expanse of the known universe is the human mind. So is it really that surprising that with more than 7 billion humans walking around with all of that infinite creative potential up in their brains, that a few oddballs stand out every now and then?

marathon runner poops in pants

Source: Youtube @OMG!

Somehow, it never gets old. In this gallery, you’ll find all of your favorite kinds of weirdos; from the public transportation riders who make you think “What the…” to the hot sorority sisters whose lack of shame makes their fathers cringe to the fathers whose lack of shame makes their daughters cringe.

Think you’re game for the most shameless people you’ll see this week?

Can you believe these people went in public looking like THIS?!

Keep reading to discover the very good, to the very bad, to the very ugly.