15 Photos Guaranteed To Make Your Palms Sweat

Mar 8, 2016 at 2:45 pm |

One Big Album Full Of Nope

Curious to know what it feels like to have palmar hyperhidrosis? (The medical condition of having excessively sweaty palms.) Look no further. We’ve mined one of our favorite Subreddits — r/SweatyPalms — to show you some of the most heart-pumping, pit-sweat-inducing, squeamishly awful photos taken from around the world.

Because there’s no need to do crazy sh*t when you can get the same feeling just by watching someone else do it.


Credit: Reddit/@PMyoBEAVERandHOOTERS

So much nope, I can’t even deal with this…

Grab yourself a towel, because these suicidal selfies will have you sweating bullets in no time…