2016 Was the Year of Sexy Giantesses: P*rnhub’s Year in Review

Jan 9, 2017 at 3:56 pm |

Who knew that dudes wanted to bang huge women so much?

It’s no secret that people consume a lot of adult videos; it’s one of the largest industries in the world. There’s less shame in admitting to enjoying a little bump and grind action from the privacy of a screen. And now that 2016 has officially passed (I’m sure we’re all glad that that’s over with), we can move on to bigger and better things. But the leading adult entertainment website on the internet has some very interesting statistics that are sure to titillate.

2016 porn statistics

Source: P*rnhub.com

2016 was a hard year for everyone, and it made a lot of people hard when they watched THESE popular, yet weird forms of pornography on Pornhub.com.

Did you indulge in these very popular, very strange fantasies?