21 Worst Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Ever

Jun 11, 2015 at 3:51 pm |

You won't believe these terrible Father's Day gift ideas.

Hey Dad, Happy Father’s Day, I got you a sponge.

No offense, kiddo, but that’s a terrible idea. Sure, a sponge is practical and I’m sure once—if not several times—your father has said, “Gee, I need a sponge.” But think about all the hard work your father has done to provide for you, care for you, and make sure you had the best childhood possible. Does that person deserve a sponge? No way!

Guess what: there’s a few other gifts that Dad doesn’t deserve this Father’s Day. So if you’re thinking about getting ol’Pops something to show your appreciation, please, avoid these gifts at all costs.

These Father’s Day gifts are so outrageous, you have to see them for yourself to believe!

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