25 Lies You’ve Been Told About Dating/Relationships

Nov 4, 2015 at 4:03 pm |

Turns out, not everything you hear is true...

Like all urban legends, most relationship myths have a shred of truth that might seem like they are true when in reality, they cause more harm than anything. Magazines, TV shows, movies, any media really, can skew our view of love and give us unrealistic expectations. They may seem harmless but it’s easy to fall subject to any of these beliefs. We took a list of the most commonly believed myths about relationships and dating and explained how they could be detrimental to your love life. How many of these did you believe?

Love at first sight

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In America, there is A LOT of bad advice out there. From tips on how to date, to rules in relationships, here are some “advice” that you seriously don’t want to believe.

This way to the truth.