29 Heartbreaking Images Of Global Poverty

Nov 25, 2015 at 12:59 pm |

You're luckier than you think...

As migrants and refugees continue to pour into Europe (America, ya need to get on board!) protesters claim “they will disrupt the economy” or ask “what about the homeless that we already can’t take care of?” or assert that “they will make our country/state impoverished.” Besides the fact that these claims are ludicrous, and inhumane – even if they do come true – what’s a little sacrifice to your cushy life in order to greatly improve theirs? So as you sit with your personal computer in front of you and a smart phone in your pocket, click through these images and ask yourself if its really worth it to turn your back to this poverty? And if you’re a reader with an empathetic heart, carry on. We need more people out there like you. Don’t forget to SHARE the message.


Credit: Getty Images/Graeme Robertson

Take a moment to remind yourself how grateful you should be this Thanksgiving.

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