30 Most Expensive Dogs Money Can Buy

Nov 18, 2015 at 4:05 pm |

Bow wow, big bucks!

While a lot of us are happy to rescue shelter dogs, it’s not enough for some wealthy people. Rich people are willing to pay top dollar for their furry friends.

Socialite Paris Hilton, known for her love of small dogs, paid $25,000 for a pair of teacup Pomeranian puppies this year. You think that’s a lot? Well a Tibetan Mastiff puppy sold earlier this year for around $2 million. Imagine the house(s) you could buy with that money! What made it so special? They can grow up to 200 pounds and are said by some in Central Asia and Tibet to have lion’s blood in them. Of course, these are exceptions to the average dog, bred from quality parents and high end breeders for elite cliental.

Would you pay $3k for a dog?

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french bulldog puppy dog

Source: Instagram @frankie_bluefrenchie

These puppies will cost you a pretty penny.

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