31 Powerful Photos of Our Nation’s History

Sep 18, 2015 at 5:02 pm |

Our Nation’s History Caught On Camera

Our young nation has faced great adversity and made incredible progress since its formation in 1776. Not all of which has been visually lost to the tides of time, since the advent of photography came over from Europe in the mid 19th century. From the invention of the airplane, to great moments of leadership from Abraham Lincoln and epic tragedy like the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, these pivotal moments in our nation’s history were all caught on film.

Nowadays, every event is captured by millions of tiny mobile devices and shared simultaneously across the globe, but each of these early treasured pieces of media captures a uniquely powerful moment that has become defined by the image. Some of them you may have seen, and some of them may shock you — the majority coming from the early 20th century — but each of these images represents a turning point, or an ideal that we stand for that has come to define us.

photograph above fifth avenue in 1904 nyc

Credit: The New York Times/Public Domain


Lincoln giving the Gettsyburg address has to be my favorite. These photos are incredible!

Take a walk down our Nation's memory lane in photography.