36 Things Only the Middle Child Will Understand

Aug 3, 2015 at 8:30 am |

If you're the middle child, then you know making it out alright is no small task

There’s name for this seemingly phenomenon condition: “Middle Child Syndrome.” You weren’t the firstborn but after the birth of your younger sibling, you were no longer the baby of the family. Where did that leave you? Somewhere in the middle — the dark, horrible middle. There are a lot of things that the middle child has to go through that other kids never even had to think about. Some of it was pretty brutal, but it wasn’t all bad!

(Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images)

(Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images)

Are you the middle child? Then we KNOW you’ve experienced all the things on this list.

Check out this gallery of all the struggles of a middle child, written by a middle child, for a middle child.