40 Cringe-Worthy Tinder Disasters

Aug 13, 2014 at 5:52 pm |

Cringe-Worthy Tinder Disasters

Swipe left, left, left, left, right swipe, IT’S A MATCH! Great! But then the panic sets in. Who’s going to message whom? What do you say? For some people a simple “hey” works, for others a compliment is their go-to ice-breaker, but what about those people who just don’t seem to get it? If you’re like me, you’ve run into your fair share of weirdos on Tinder, but there are some who go above and beyond being just plain weird. The Instagram page Tinder Nightmares (@tindernightmares) features real-life exchanges submitted by users of the popular dating app, some of which are hilarious and others border on terrifying. Check out the slideshow to see some of the craziest…




This is exactly why I deleted Tinder from my phone…CREEPY.

Use these Tinder convos as a lesson in how NOT to pick someone up...