5 Most Scandalous Oscar Moments

Feb 25, 2016 at 5:03 pm |

Sometimes the Best Drama Isn't Even Onscreen

The Oscars may seem like one of the most well-put together productions as far as Award Season goes. They never seems to suffer the same technical issues that the Tonys experience (or the Grammys this year, for that matter. Sorry Adele!) The night is filled with class, charisma, and the crowd is somewhat more elevated and sedate as compared to what you’d see at the MTV VMAs. Also Kanye is nowhere to be found – until he makes a movie. However, every once in a while the Oscars does face a major moment of drama. It’s infallible having that many creative, talented, sexy people in one big room…

angelina jolie and james haven

Credit: Imgur @toowaktoomake

Anyone remember when Angelina made out with her brother?

Don't tell me you've forgotten any of this oh-so-scandalous moments...