9 Doctors Who Were Murdered By Their Patients

Feb 16, 2016 at 4:31 pm |

"Doc, I ain't feeling too good..."

You might not think it, but being a worker in the healthcare industry is actually one of the more dangerous professions out there. In 2014, nearly 80% of nurses reported having been attacked on the job within the past year. In fact, about 70% of ALL nonfatal workplace assaults that force the individual to take time off of work take place in hospitals.

But not all of these assaults are nonfatal.

bloody handprints

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Verbal threats are nearly ubiquitous in the medical field, but most doctors deal with them so often that it’s unclear when they should heed these warning signs seriously. In fact, the problem of assault against doctors is so prevalent in China that many people are actually afraid of becoming doctors.

In this gallery you’ll find horror tales of patients who sought the ultimate revenge on their doctors. And believe us, the circumstances are strange, and the patients are even stranger.

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